` Magic Words

Shake it off!!! XD


If anyone’s wondering, yes I’m in Vegas.
Yes, it’s 10:48pm.
Yes, I can hear the pulsating beats resonating from several clubs within earshot.
Yes, I’ve chosen to spend my evening looking at photos of autumnal windows on Tumblr.
Yes, I am proud.

I’m proud

Jajaja coincidence? NO! @taylorswift

Happy Birthday Hermione!

Hello sexys Meredith

Is that you?

Miss Everdeen


I taught Olivia how to take selfies with her tiny paw and she’s getting super good at it.

Shalalala kiss the boy??

They’re so sweet!!!


We didn’t have sex. We never got naked. I never touched her bare breast, and her hands never got lower than my hips. It didn’t matter. As she slept, I whispered, “I love you, Alaska Young.”